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What Can I Do?

Parents, community members and educators can make a difference in the war against gang culture. PARENTS and CAREGIVERS:
  • Talk to your child about gangs as soon as they begin kindergarten – gangs have recruited children as young as six years old, it’s never too early to talk about gangs.
  • Set a clear expectation for your household – tell your children and teens that you do not want them to act like a gang member, join a gang, attend gang parties/events, or be gang affiliated – EVER.
  • Get to know your child’s friends and their families, including first and last names and contact information – no nicknames, no mystery addresses.
  • Tell your kids to avoid dressing in colors that may have meaning to gangs in your area.
  • Encourage your child to participate in positive activities, such as school-related clubs, sports, or after-school programs at the YMCA or Boys and Girls Clubs.
  • Talk to kids about peer pressure and ways to avoid it
  • Praise your child often – point out when they make good choices.
  • Set the example – be a positive role model, even if you’ve made risky choices in the past, talk about how you’ve learned from them.
  • Talk with your children, listen to what they have to say, and spend quality time together.
  • Put a high value on education and help your child set goals for his or her future – whether it’s college or a trade career, they need to have a plan.
  • Point out positive role models to your children, and give them a protective circle of adults that they can talk with.
  • Visit our youth portal and explore My Gangfree Life® with your child – participate in the online activities with them.
  • Read, then sign, the Gangfree Pledge with your child. Display it somewhere special in your home.
  • Check out our Gangfree programs, designed to help parents and kids stay on the right path.
  • If your child admits to being in a gang, click here.
  • Report the appearance of gang symbols or graffiti on school property (books, desks, walls) to school authorities.
  • Identify kids who have changed behaviors and friends, and communicate with parents.
  • Request more information about bringing our Gang Education Programs to your school.

Take the Gangfree Pledge!

Download, discuss, and sign it with a child today.

Visit our Resources page for more information about gang prevention and local services.

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