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Discover the truth about gangs and gang culture in America—their reach, their criminal activities, their normalization in youth culture, and how they lure young people from all economic, social, and cultural backgrounds.

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From My Gangfree Life® in-school gang prevention classes to STEP UP! after school activities to parenting classes to youth employment programs to Community Clean Up programs to our Gangfree Life Academy® training for volunteers and professionals and more, we offer a comprehensive menu of services to help youth and young adults avoid the dangers of gangs and gang culture to embrace positive alternatives.

Funders and Supporters

Join our prestigious partner network! Team up with dedicated agencies, corporations, community groups, nonprofits, and individuals to champion a gangfree world. Together, we can expand the reach of the Gang Alternatives Program, transforming lives and communities. Let’s journey together—become a partner today!

Learning Office Statistics 2018 to 2019

My Ganfree Life® Students served in 27 schools
2019 Summer Youth Students from Council District 8, 14 and 15
STEP UP! After School Programming Students served daily

Discover Our Gangfree® Vision

Dive into the essence of, the central initiative of the Gang Alternatives Program (GAP). As a dedicated non-profit, our reach extends throughout Los Angeles County, touching countless lives with our comprehensive suite of programs. It extends beyond LA County to the rest of America and the World through its Gangfree Life Academy® and professional development services for community groups, nonprofit staff, law enforcement, and academic affiliations. Our vision is crystal clear: “to prevent young people from joining gangs.” Learn about our transformative efforts, our mission, and our impactful programs that pave the way for a Gangfree® future.


Gangfree® Programs

Our programs and education services supply the best practices needed for a comprehensive gang strategy. The US Surgeon General’s Report on Youth Violence tells an important part of the story regarding what prevention strategies work and what do not based on scientific study.

Seasonal Youth Employment Program

Inspire tomorrow's leaders today with GAP's Summer Youth Employment Program! Dive into how we're transforming LA's youth, fostering community pride, and offering vital skills through hands-on projects and enlightening workshops.

Gang Prevention Education

Empower students to embrace a Gangfree® future! Through our tailored Gang Prevention Education program, we guide young minds in understanding the repercussions of gang involvement while celebrating their commitment to positive choices.


STEP UP! After School Programs

Elevate After-School Learning with STEP UP! Dive into our enriching program tailored to foster academic excellence, holistic growth, and a firm stand against gang involvement. From hands-on math and literacy sessions to our state-of-the-art mobile tech lab, STEP UP! is reshaping the after-school landscape. Join us in nurturing the next generation of leaders and thinkers.

GAP's Parenting Programs

Delve into GAP's comprehensive parenting initiatives tailored to strengthen family bonds and guide challenging behaviors. From the court-approved Parent Project® and Loving Solutions® to the transformative Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) and the empowering Teen Program, we equip parents with effective strategies and offer teens tools to foster personal growth and responsibility. Join hands with us to shape a brighter future for families, ensuring children grow with love, understanding, and discipline.

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Hear from parents, students, and staff about the Gangfree® Alternative Program

Graffiti Removal 2022-2023 Fiscal Year

In an effort to keep our communities safe and gangfree, we contract with both the City and County of Los Angeles to offer a comprehensive Graffiti Abatement service to remove gang graffiti and tags. Our trucks are in the communities we serve seven days a week, taking down graffiti and removing the signs of vandalism.

Locations served to removed Graffiti
Square Footage Cleaned

Community Services

Graffiti Abatement Services

GAP's Graffiti Abatement Services collaboratively work with Los Angeles City and County, removing over 6.5 million square feet of graffiti annually across multiple communities, emphasizing the importance of community resistance to gang culture and influence.

Clean and Safe Streets

GAP's Clean and Safe Streets Program collaborates with city entities and community partners to revitalize Los Angeles neighborhoods, focusing on trash removal, reporting hazardous conditions, and organizing community clean-up events across various districts.

Community Beautification Projects

GAP champions community revitalization by transforming vacant spaces into usable areas, partnering with local agencies and volunteers to plant gardens, establish pocket parks, restore properties, and conduct community clean-ups.

Community Clean Up 2018–2019 Fiscal Year

Working with city and county agencies, our crews and local volunteers plant gardens, create pocket parks, restore property, due paint outs, community clean ups, bulky items removal and plant trees and flowers.

lbs. Trash removed

Gangfree® News

Stay informed with Gangfree® News! Dive into the latest updates, stories, and insights on our efforts to combat gang influence and foster a safer community. Explore all articles and join the conversation.

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