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Gang Prevention Education

Learning Office Statistics 2018 to 2019

My Ganfree Life® Students served in 27 schools
2019 Summer Youth Students from Council District 8, 14 and 15
STEP UP! After School Programming Students served daily

Educating young people about the realities of gangs involvement is an important step in keeping them Gangfree.

We provide an 8-week Gang Prevention Education program for 4th grade and a 6 week program for 2nd grade and Middle School. Our Gangfree classroom advisors work with students in their homerooms to discuss peer pressure, graffiti, and the affects of gang membership. Lessons examine the consequences of gang involvement and its effect on the families and the youth’s future. Students are introduced to positive alternatives and techniques for achievement and are encouraged to set goals and make healthy lifestyle choices.

Major culmination ceremonies and smaller celebrations are held each year to commemorate the successful completion of the Gang Prevention Education Program. Students receive certificates and t-shirts recognizing both their achievement and their commitment to stay out of gangs, and pledge a gangfree lifestyle with the catch phrases:

“Never have, never will!”
“I can do better than that!”
“I choose to be me, and live GANGFREE!!!!”

The Gang Alternatives Program currently serves thousands of students in greater Los Angeles area. Schools are identified by at-risk status and community need, or self-referral.

To find out how the GAP curriculum can be delivered in your school, or for more information on our programs, email us at or call (888) 293-9323.

Information for Educators

 Learn more about our Gang Prevention curriculum.

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