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STEP UP! After School Program

STEP UP! After School Program was designed to provide positive child development in a safe, fair, and fun environment. This atmosphere allows students to achieve academic, individual, familial, and social goals through our STEP UP! concepts expressed in the program’s key words.
STEP UP! creates educated, contributing, and successful citizens.

Support all students through a diverse and equitable program.
Teach students correct language, math, science, and arts, giving them the knowledge they need to be successful and connected to their school and its staff.
Educate students with sustainable skills so they become life long learners.
Prevent students from joining gangs, dropping out of school, or disconnecting from society.
Uplift students to STEP UP! to the promise of their individual potential rather than step down to the lie false limitations.
Prepare students to think, lead, and serve.

We mean it!

The STEP UP! after school program offers academic assistance in literacy, a language art component. Students are guided to read books, tell stories, write stories, recite poems and speak publicly. The STEP UP! after school program follows the Common Core Content Standards in Mathematics and emphasizes activities the use of math in everyday activities. STEP UP! staffs are trained and competent in the use of science kits and technology. GAP’s STEP UP! also provides an enrichment component that features our coveted Gang Prevention curricula, art, music, drama, cheerleading, drill team, and organized sports activities.

GAP also provides its own self-contained mobile technology lab (STEM-MLV) Students With Accessible Technology Mobile Learning Vehicle. The STEM-MLV is equipped with up to 30 Apple iPads loaded with educational software, and wireless Internet capability. The lab rotates between sites weekly.

Our staff is youth oriented, caring, ethnically diverse and are great role models for our children and abide by GAP’s mission statement, “To eliminate the base of gang membership by having a generation of young people say “No” to gangs and “Yes” to positive lifestyle choices.”

STEP UP! Currently serves the following schools:

Ambler Elementary School – 120 students served daily
Catskill Elementary School- 110 students served daily
232nd Place Elementary School – 120 students served daily.

Grades Served: K – 5

GAP serves a nutritious supper meal provided by LAUSD daily.

Hours of Operation: School Dismissal until 6:00 PM every school day.

For more information on our STEP UP! After School Program, email us at or call (888) 293-9323.

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