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Information for Educators

Gang Prevention Education Program

Originally based on the City of Paramount, California GRIP model and continuously updated to meet the best practices in the field of gang prevention, our Gang Prevention Education program for 2nd, 4th, and 6th graders present both the realities of gang involvement and the alternatives that young people have available to them. The in-school, in-classroom classes run from six to eight weeks, depending on the grade level.
Our Gang Prevention Education curriculum is designed to reinforce the LAUSD and LACOE Principles of Learning and to meet or exceed the State of California Department of Education’s Standards in reading and writing. The curriculum is devised to present clear expectations, encourage accountable talk, and present academic rigor. It addresses a significant core of knowledge, creates an environment of high thinking demand, and promotes the active use of knowledge. Our Gang Prevention Education program becomes an element of the school’s state-mandated School Safety Plan and contributes to the ongoing educational development needed for improved test scores.

We will work with your school to host a culmination ceremonies or smaller celebration to commemorate the successful completion of the Gang Prevention Education Program. Students will receive certificates and t-shirts recognizing both their achievement and their commitment to stay out of gangs, and pledge a gangfree lifestyle.

GAP Classroom Advisors currently serve thousands of students in the communities of Carson, Compton, Gardena, El Monte, El Sereno, Harbor City, Harbor Gateway, Hawaiian Gardens, Lomita, Long Beach, Lynwood, San Pedro, Wilmington, Watts and Whittier.

To find out how the GAP curriculum can be delivered in your school, or for more information on our programs, email us at or call (888) 293-9323.

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