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 GAP offers Parent Project®, Loving Solutions®, Positive Parenting Program (Triple P), General Parenting, and Teen Program as part of its comprehensive gang strategy. Most in the field, working with high-risk children, know that parental involvement is the key to behavior modification with strong willed children. Both Parent Project® and Loving Solutions® are programs that are highly concentrated with parental involvement initiatives. Parent Project® and Loving Solutions® are court approved parent training programs designed for parents with difficult, out-of-control, delinquent, and gang-attracted children or parents who want to improve their relationship with their children. Parent Project® is for parents of children ages 11-17 and Loving Solutions® is for parents of children ages 5-10. In a classroom setting, parents learn to manage their child’s behavior problems at home.

Positive Parenting Program (Triple P) is a multilevel parenting intervention with the main goal of increasing the knowledge, skills, and confidence of parents at the population level and, as a result, reduce the prevalence of mental health, emotional, and behavioral problems in children and adolescents. The program is a universal preventive intervention (all members of the given population participate) with selective interventions specifically tailored for at risk children and parents. This program is based on principles of community psychology.

General Parenting are other parenting related topics that include, but are not limited to: The first years last forever, secure attachment; Your healthy baby; Developmental milestones; Ready to learn; Pit falls of co-parenting; Building character in your child; Warning signs of learning disabilities; How to teach kids self- discipline; Safe from the start; Quality child care; and Physical and Oral health.

The Teen Program is specifically designed for use with the Parent Project® model but for teens ages 11-17. The Teen Program utilizes the “Personal and Social Responsibility” curriculum a character-building guide that is consisted of 52 lessons. The Parent Project® version is an activity based and sequenced curriculum presented over a 10-16 week term. In a classroom setting teens are provided with student activity handouts and presented with pictorial and video visuals. Teens learn to build their self-confidence and empower themselves to: exercise self-discipline, solve problems peacefully, increase their sense of self-worth, recognize their impact on others, maintain dignity and respect for themselves and others, set personal goals and make them happen, and accept responsibility for their actions.

All parenting and teen classes are led by a specially trained facilitator at suitable and convenient times and locations for 1-3 hours per week for 10-16 weeks, depending on the circumstances of the parents. Classes are given in English or Spanish.

We offer multiple sessions in English and Spanish each year and have the capacity to serve several hundred parents and children. To register for the next available session, or for more information, email us at or call (888) 293-9323.

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