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Take the Gangfree Pledge

Download, discuss, and sign the Gangfree Pledge with a child today.

my gangfree pledge

I, ____________________________________________________, pledge to keep myself free from bad language, drugs, alcohol, lying, cheating, stealing, tagging, gangs, and fighting. I promise to respect myself, my body, my friends, my teachers, my family, and people who are different from me.

I will ask __________________________ before I get a tattoo, shave my head, or join a group. I will not hang around gangs, attend gang parties, talk to gang members, or act like a gang member. I will not throw up hand signs, or use gang slang that could put me in danger. I will avoid gang colors that are used in my neighborhood. I will not tag or do graffiti on others’ property – I will get permission to express myself.

I will ask ____________________________ before I use technology, like the computer, video games, or TV, and I won’t do bad things with technology. I will stay away from gang websites, and I won’t ask gang members to be my friends on networking websites. I will listen carefully to music lyrics, and avoid songs or videos that hype up gang life, gangstas, or violence or disrespect towards others.

I will choose friends who make good choices. I will let my parent(s) know who all my friends are, and where they live. I will ask advice if my friends ask me to do something I am uncomfortable with or that I think is wrong. I will tell my parent(s) if I get asked to join a gang.

I will choose to do good things, I will do my best to fix any problems that I have, and I will ask for help when I cannot. I promise to live a Gangfree Life.

Youth: ________________________________________________Age: ______________

I (we) pledge to help you with your school, your activities and your choices as you grow up. I will talk with you and will not turn you away or make fun of you when you ask me for help. I promise to be in your business at all times, and to care about where you go and whom you hang out with. I will do my best to provide you with a safe and happy home, even when times are hard. I will do everything I can to keep you safe from gangs and gang activity. I will try to be a good example for you, and point out when you make good choices. I (we) promise to love you no matter what.

Parent: _______________________________________________  Date: _________________

Parent:________________________________________________ Date:__________________

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