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2016 Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) Participants

Congratulations to this year’s Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) participants. Thank you all for your hard work and diligence toward making your communities a cleaner and better place.

The Gang Alternatives Program (GAP), Summer Youth Employment Program (SYEP) originally was piloted in the summer of 2006, under the Harbor Gateway Weed and Seed funding through the US Department of Justice. The pilot program was a success, and GAP was excited to be able to continue the program through the support of the City of Los Angeles, Office of Community Beautification. This year the program received additional supportfrom the Port of Los Angeles.

GAP was happy to be able to hire forty (40) youths ages 15 to 18 from Los Angeles City Council Districts 8, 14, and 15. Youths made the positive choice to stay out of trouble and become involved by working 6 hours, Monday to Friday, for 3-4 weeks. Their job duties consisted of community beautification, trash and debris removal, and neighborhood clean ups in their communities. A grand total of 730 bags (60 gal. per bag) of trash and debris were collected and removed from the community. Other bulky items were collected and removed with the help of GAP’s Community Clean Up department. Additionally, participating in weekly educational workshops focused on a variety of topics such as health and safety, employability skills and employer expectations, and career preparation and development.

GAP’s agency vision is to prevent young people from joining gangs, and with the SYEP program in place, GAP is able to achieve its goals in helping young people to stay away from trouble, and at the same time give them the sense that this is their community and it is their responsibility to keep it clean. Youths build a sense of pride, leadership and discipline skills, which are necessary to become future leaders of tomorrow.

Thank you to the SYEP Supervisors, GAP Staff, community leaders and families for the support of this program, and once again congratulations to the youths who participated in this year’s 2016 SYEP program!

CD8 SYEP Employees CD 14 SYEP Employees CD 15 SYEP Employees
1. Tatyana Taylor 1. Dennis Mucito 1. Humberto Bautista 9. Samoria Martin 17. Brittany Mercado
2. Kyisha Johnson 2. Ramon Limon 2. Paulina Heredia 10. Daniel Delgado 18. Alfredo Santana
3. Kanisha Johnson 3. Erick Espinoza 3. Karla Vera 11. Alexis Maya 19. Adrian Sandoval
4. Isis Goodrich 4. Daisy Castillo 4. Griselda Perez 12. Jose Lara 20. Fabian Bahena
5. Johnae Clark 5. Michelle Esparza 5. Brandon Razon 13. Arturo Castaneda 21. Jennifer Santana
6. Ana Martinez 6. Karla Visuet 6. Juan Rios 14. Brandon Mercado 22. Desteny Vera
7. Erin Espana 7. Angel Cortes 7. Anthony Barajas 15. Areelle Navarro 23. Daniel Rice
8. Yendy Alonso 8. George Rivera 16. Klarissa Velasquez 24. Sebastian Acosta
9. Nefertari Hameen


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