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Public Service Announcement

Gangfree Alternative Program Los Angeles, CA Public Service Announcement.


Behind the Scenes: PSA

The Public Service Announcement was the first ever for the Gang Alternatives Program (GAP). Director Karen Lavender and Producer Romell Foster-Owens produced the PSA for GAP on behalf of Women In Film Los Angeles.

The PSA depicts a a teenage schoolgirl who is faced with the choice between individuality within a positive lifestyle as opposed to the pressure of being pulled into a gang lifestyle. The compelling PSA was produced to inform the public about the Gang Alternatives Programs and services by leading the audience to GAP’s Web site.

Renowned music producer Terence Dudley (50 Cent, Mary J. Blige), musical legend AL B. Sure! and rap artist/actress Paige Hurd (Everybody Hates Chris), teamed up to to create a dynamic original soundtrack for the project.

PSA Produced by Women In Film LA:

Executive Producer – Varda Hardy
Producer – Romell Foster-Owens
Director – Karen Lavender
Associate Producer/ Writer – Sheila Hardy
Associate Producer – Patricia Johnson
Director Of Photography – Gary Ravenscroft
Starring – Elizabeth Blanco, Joey Gaytan and featuring Oscar Ramirez and Renee Madrid
Original Music – Terence Dudley, Al B. Sure! and Paige Hurd

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