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Paige Hurd Raps the Gangfree song

You probably know Paige Hurd from the fresh sitcom Everybody Hates Chris (or the movie Beauty Shop). Now she can add another title under her name – rapper! Paige is the talented voice behind our gangfree.org/ Gang Alternatives Program Public Service Announcement Gangfree theme song.

Terence Dudley (producer for 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige) produced the music and beats for the theme song, and local radio host and R&B singer Al B. Sure! wrote the lyrics. They chose Paige to perform the rap because she is an up and coming young actress from a single parent home who can relate to the struggles that all kids face.

When she is not going to school on the set of Everybody Hates Chris, Paige is just another 16-year-old kid. She rides the bus to and from school. She lives in a regular neighborhood and faces the challenges that all teens face. She believes that “young people need to have positive things in their lives”. That’s why she agreed to support the Gang Alternatives Program, and rap the theme song. The song is for everyone – kids and teens can vibe with it, and parents can enjoy its positive message. It even makes a great ring tone!

Paige is glad she can help young people focus on making good choices. “I didn’t realize that kids my age and younger saw me as a role model until I started speaking at events and on panels. It’s been a good experience for me to speak to young people from my heart as ‘Paige’, and not as an actress reading from a script.”

No Gangs. No Color Lines. No Alcohol. No Drugs.

The Gangfree theme song was written to reach young people just like you, with its fresh beat and positive lyrics. Al B. Sure! has two teenage sons. He comes from a very rough neighborhood and a single parent home. He wrote the lyrics based on his own experiences, and his mother’s high expectations.  The hook, “No Gangs. No Color Lines. No Alcohol. No Drugs.” comes from the same set of rules that Al B.’s mother had for him, and that he has for his own sons.

The theme song supports The Gangfree Life® mission, and our message to young people to make their own choices and live Gangfree. DOWNLOAD THE SONG OR RINGTONE!

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Tell Paige, Al B. Sure! and Terence Dudley what you think about the Gangfree theme song. Let them know if you want to hear a full-length version.

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