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Stay Out of Gangs

My GAP advisor say
That I shuld not fail
Or drop out of school
Or end up in jail.
I shuld keep on the path
My future will be fat
Cus I can do better
Do better than that.

Better than gangs.

- Watts Lyricist, 13


I just wanted to say that I used to be around gangs all the time when I was younger. I had a brother in a gang, and many cousins and neighbors who were in gangs. I joined the military right after high school because I didn’t want to be around the pressure anymore. It wasn’t my dream, but it’s a lot better than gangs, and it will help me get what I want in the future.

- Military Guy, 18


It's not easy to stay out of gangs. Two of my cousins got into that life. It's not the same for our family anymore. My aunt cries about it a lot. I think there's times when you feel like you can't fight the pressure.

- Cool Kid, 11


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