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Resources for Foster Youth

The Gang Alternatives Program, the organization that runs, offers the Alternative Services for Youth (ASY) program for foster youth ages 14-18 in the Los Angeles area.

This program offers transitional services like:


  • tutoring, homework assistance
  • mentoring
  • employment skills training
  • GED prep, CAHSEE prep
  • life skills training and workshops
  • financial literacy training
  • home visits and support services

Our services and workshops assist foster youths in making the shift to adult life and enable them to live a productive, gangfree life.

For more information on the enrollment or referral process, have your trusted adult email us at or call (888) 293-9323.












Online Resources:

Band Together for Foster Care
Young people banding together to make a difference for their peers who have suffered abuse, neglect, or abandonment.
Foster Club for Youth
National network for youths in foster care.
Foster Club for Teens
National network for teens and young adults in foster care.

Foster Club for Supportive Adults
National network for foster care. Focus on supportive adults and foster parents.

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