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Your family does its best to make things work. No matter what your home life is like, never stop dreaming for a better tomorrow! Tell us what you wish for your family or home life and get entered to win a Family Activity prize*!

I Wish...

I wish that my foster mom could get an award. She helps so many people!

– Sunny1 , age 10

I wish that my dad had non-stop bus to get to work. He has to take 3 buses to get downtown, and it takes a lot of time. He’s so tired when he gets home.

– Soldier Boy, age 14

I wish my family had no worries and no money problems.

– Latina4Life, age 12

I wish that my brother could get a “Get of Gangs Free” pass. He has no way out, now.

– SeriousB, age 16

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*Legal Stuff: Multiple Family Wishes may be submitted by one user, but only one qualifying entry will be placed into the drawing per household. Only local California residents within 100 miles from 90731 will be qualified for the prize pack.

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