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Your community is not just where you live, it’s a part of who you are. Take pride in your community. Volunteer. Get involved.

Become a Hero in Your Community
Most real heroes are not famous. They're people just like you who live in your community. They do things to help others. They show great courage or good character. They help the community become a better, safer place against the odds.

Any one of us can become a Community Hero. Become one today - talk to your trusted adult about doing something positive in your community:

  • get involved in school groups or clubs that help the community
  • run in a school election to develop leadership skills
  • volunteer or start a service project in your area
  • encrouage kids in your neighborhood to stay gangfree.

Nominate a Community Hero!
Do you know of a person who is made a difference in your community? A Community hero could be a community leader, a local religious leader, a school crossing guard, or a kind neighbor who checks in . Honor their efforts by making them the next Community Hero!

Nominate Your Hero


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