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Living the Gangfree Life is a choice that you and your friends make every day. It can be hard sometimes to avoid gang pressure and street life. Read the choices below to find out how young people just like you choose to live a Gangfree Life.

My Gangfree Choice:

" I will stay in school and get a good education so I can be smart– and rich! - when I’m older" – SoCal Boy, 10

" Me and my sister like to exercise with the Wii Fit!" – FunN08, 12

" I joined Student Council at school" – Ms. President, 14

"My choice is about doing something positive for my community, like recycling or cleaning up trash" – Caring4Cali, 13

" I want to be the next American Idol! I practice singing and dancing every day!" – SupaStar, 11

" My brother and I practice making videos and beats at an afterschool program. We want to learn about multimedia." – Da Producer 14

" I love Frida Kahlo! So I draw and sketch all the time." – Frida Fan, 15

" I help out at my family’s restaurant" – Helper, 9

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