What Happens if You
What Happens if You Join?
When someone joins a gang, acts like a gang member, or hangs around gangs, a lot of bad things can happen. Let’s look at a few:
You will lose your freedom – and your identity. Gangs will want you to follow their rules. You won’t be able to think for yourself and do what you like. You will be forced to do things that are dangerous or cruel, and will be punished if you don’t.
You can get injured or killed by gang violence. Imagine living the rest of your life in a wheelchair because you got shot or stabbed in gang violence. Or imagine your family's tears if you die young because you were involved in a gang.
You might start using drugs or alcohol. Gangs are surrounded by drugs and alcohol, and all sorts of unsafe and illegal things. Just imagine the peer pressure you will face to start using drugs and drinking.
You will commit crimes or hurt people. Gangs will order you to commit crimes, like selling drugs, robbing people, or stealing cars. They will order you to hurt innocent people, or rival (enemy) gang members. There will be no way to say no.
You will get arrested. With all of the bad things listed above, you will most likely end up getting arrested. This will give you a criminal record that can make it hard to get a job later in life.
You can spend time in jail. In California, if you are 14 or older and you commit a serious crime, you can be tried as an adult. This means that you will get the same punishment as an adult - even life in prison or the death penalty. Are you willing to face that for a gang?
You will put your family in danger. Imagine if your family member got injured or killed because you were in a gang. It could be your mother, father, sister, uncle, cousin, grandma -- or your new baby brother. Your family's house could become a target for drive-by shootings.
You close the door to your future. There is no happy ending when you join a gang. It’s really hard to get out of a gang. It may be hard to find a job, or have friends after living the gang life. Make the right choice for your future - Stay Gangfree!

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