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Staying Gangfree
While staying Gangfree can be tough, remember you are never alone. Here are some good ways to avoid the bad things that can happen when young people are involved with gangs.
Here are some ways to keep a Gangfree Life®:
  • Talk to a trusted adult (parent, caregiver, foster parent, older family member or family friend) if you get pressured by gangs.
  • Promise yourself a Gangfree Life - don't act like a gang member, join a gang, attend gang parties, or be gang affiliated - EVER.
  • Choose friends who want to live a Gangfree Life, too!
  • Don't visit gang web sites on the internet, and do not become "friends" with gangs or known gang on popular networking sites.
  • Avoid wearing colors that may have meaning to gangs in your area.
  • Wake up saying (or singing!): "No gangs, no color lines, no alcohol, no drugs." Repeat daily.
  • Find your voice - talk with friends or a trusted adult about pressures. Read stories by other kids who might be facing the same problems.
  • Do something positive - join an arts program or a sports team, volunteer in your community or join a local youth program.
  • Stay in school, FINISH school, and make plans for your future.
  • Find positive adult role models in your family or community.
  • Ask your trusted adult to visit our Gangfree Program web site to learn more about gangs and how to help you avoid gang pressure.
  • Read, then sign, the Gangfree Pledge with your trusted adult.
    Display it somewhere special in your room or home. Encourage younger family members to do the same.

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